Coaching through the Seven Levels of Spiritual Unfolding

This walk is about learning to recognize the truth in your own life, at your own pace. When you become consciously aware of who you are and what you are doing here, life becomes simply beautiful and everything you have ever experienced begins to make sense. Every Coach has a particular style of coaching. It might help for you to know how I coach, what my expectations will be of you, and what you can expect of me.    

I work with clients who are in a good place in their lives, and are enthusiastically ready to take their spiritual and personal lives to the next level. I request, though not require, that you commit three months to what work we agree on addressing. During our ninety day walk together, I will ask you to do your best and I will do the same.  Such will be our relationship.

Honesty is what I value most.  I ask that you speak honestly and be open to new thought forms, teachings, and concepts. If I see an inconsistency, hear something in your voice, or see something in your body language, I will ask you about it.  I will take advantage of any opportunity to shine light on something that may be consciously or unconsciously blocking your path.

During our three month walk you will:

  • Learn about yourself and understand yourself on a deeper level
  • Better understand experiences as you grow in conscious self-awareness
  • Learn why some things work in your life and why other things do not
  • Change what you identify as the troubled areas of your life
  • Feel good, even in the situations that challenge you most
  • Acquire the tools to change what no longer serves you
  • Learn how to trust in yourself enough to just Be….in the moment
  • Move from where you are now, into where you desire to be
  • Learn to enjoy the vicissitudes of life along with the entire journey