Walking the Talk

Bush Medicine—Walking the Talk—begins a series of classes on the medicinal plants of Belize. It is a 10 week long course where we learn the ancient and modern traditions of bush medicine.  No prior training, experience, or pre-requisites are required.  People who take these classes will learn how to properly identify bush medicine plants, when to harvest them, the best ways to prepare them, learn what they are good for, and how to safely use them. Certificates of completion will be awarded to those who attend the complete series. Classes are open to anyone with an interest in herbalism for self care, the health of their friends, family, and community. People who take these classes will gain a strong foundation in herbal healthcare, plant based remedies, basic nutrition, and healthy lifestyle practices to promote well-being.

Some classes include daylong plant identification adventures into the rain forest, and some neighborhood herbal walks. Classes will meet once a week and each class will be an experience with a new plant, exposing a new way of healing. 


herbal and ritual baths for spiritual cleansing

Agouni are a traditional Garifuna healing modality used primarily for healing the three different levels of body, mind, and spirit. Traditionally, agouni are required before any ancestral ceremony and after consultation with a Shaman. Garifuna healers prescribe agouni to promote clear thinking, and to provide direction in life long and family issues; be they emotional, physical or personal. The water, herbs, and elements used in agouni are naturally charged with properties that repair breaks in the human auric field. They cleanse the aura of dense negative energies, and serve to activate protective ancestral spirits. Garifuna people believe the medicinal properties in sacred plants can heal the body of physical illness, and get rid of attachments to negative energies.



Pain seed removal

Assupahani is applied mostly in cases of chronic pain, and any type of physical pain doctors cannot explain or find a cure for.  Pain Seeds are described as an elusive pain that eventually intensifies and moves around inside your body, migrating from place to place like air. Pain Seeds are anchored in the physical body by the cellular memory of past painful experiences. The intrusive and painful nature of the Seeds inhibit a person’s spirit from sitting fully within the human body, causing the person to suffer. People with pain seeds experience pain on the physical level, confusion and brain fog on a psychological level, and irritability and anger on an emotional level. In addition to the pain seed itself, the energy invasion is further confirmed by other indications like feeling weak, vulnerable, and susceptible to abuse. When you find yourself feeling spiritually weak, where you cannot exert your will, nor do the things you want to do or decide to do, consider the possibility of Pain Seeds as you seek solutions. During an Assupahani healing session, you experience the Pain Seed release, immediately feel the energy re-enter your being, and your spirit return to its natural position.



a reading

A consulta involves a little more than just intuitive insights. Arzu steps into a portal of the spiritual realm where she receives messages from an individual's ancestors and guides. While holding this energetic space during the consultation, she can perform a vibrational, energetic clearing. The clearing is done at the time of the reading to help remove etheric "cobwebs" so that counsel provided can be effective in the recipient’s energy field. Many people have described the experience as "spot on." Arzu does a limited number of readings per day so that she can be of highest service to all who enlist her assistance. For those seeking clarity and insightful, effective feedback a Garifuna consulta comes highly recommended.



Spirituality of Plants

All life forms, sentient and insentient are revered and honored in a Garifuna healing practices. Garifuna mythology teaches that herbs are endowed with a unique healing spirit. Whereas people are said to have individual spirits, herbs have group spirits, and each herb comes with an offering of better health for humanity. Each plant agrees to take care of a certain illness, and some agree to work in teams. It is the team spirits a healer communicates with when employing the help of herbs in healing. In these workshops, Arzu explains and offers a closer look at how this relationship of plant and person is harnessed. She introduces the herbs and the medicine they offer, and shares the secrets of how these herbal spirits work together.



natural healing and cultural immersion

Mountain Spirit Wellness Retreats are total immersion journeys into the spirituality of Garifuna culture; one of the world’s least known healing traditions. The Mountain Spirit Wellness Retreat offers you a highly individualized program where all attention is focused on your body/mind healing needs for the duration of your stay with us. The retreat package includes all meals, luxury accommodations at The Lodge at Big Falls in Belize, all ground transport, and cultural immersion visits to traditional Maya and Garifuna villages and sacred sites.   One of the key offerings of this retreat is the healing your physical body through "vibrational eating." The menu includes life-enhancing fruits and vegetables so that your body can become a greater producer of light. You will eat as the ancestors once did so that you can restore your inner strengths and powers to rejuvenate your light body. All meals are deliciously vegetarian and are prepared by local chefs.



Seven Levels of Spiritual Unfolding

This coaching module is recommended for those who are preparing towards a calling that requires a strong functional relationship with the spirit world. Month one is dedicated to the metaphysical removal of obstacles in the aura. Month two involves the systematic dissolution of pain seeds from the body. You may have to travel to a sacred site for this to happen, so be prepared.  We spend the third month learning how to disable destructive mental prompters into extinction. The information gained in this module is a transformational life learning. There is a three month commitment and travel to a sacred site may be required. Depending on how you fare, there is the option to continue for another trimester; where we take on higher worlds.



Medicines made by God

Mountain Spirit Herbals are a natural wellness product line comprised of wildcrafted and organically cultivated medicinal plants. Wildcrafting is the ancient honorable art craft of harvesting the gifts of mother Earth. All of our plants have been allowed to grow wild in nature without human intervention and have been consciously harvested without the use of chemicals, pesticides, or insecticides. Mountain Spirit herbal products include Dry Herbal preparations, Soaps, Oils, Tinctures, and Tonics.