There is a component of human life that has no smell or taste, and can only be sensed or seen by those with extra sensory perception. Ancient wisdom defines this component as the “Light Body” because it operates on light and requires light to function. The Light Body generates micro waves and radio frequencies, as well as low level electric waves; heart beat and brain rhythms. The human extra sensory perception, and psychic senses, rely on the light body in order to function properly.   

The Light Body is what manages the balanced distribution of light throughout the seven systems of your physical body. Each organ system requires light nutrition in its proper light frequency in order to remain healthy. All of these systems absorb full spectrum nutrition from the light stored in food, water, and air.  The Light Body is managed by the self regulating Chakra System.

Feeding the Light Body is an opportunity for anyone who wants to experience their Light Body and , at the same time, learn more about it. During this one day Retreat/Workshop, you will learn how to provide the seven systems of your human body with a rich source of full spectrum light nutrition. We will experience foods that are rich in processed sunlight. How and when to best prepare and consume those foods that have been kissed by the Sun. All participants will be empowered to provide their own body systems with a rich supply of daily light nutrition. We will drink and bathe in water that has been infused with Sun energy, and feel the difference. The day will be spent nourishing our light bodies. Those who attend this event will shine bright and shine on.

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