Herbal Baths in Indigenous Garifuna Healing Tradition



The Garifuna word for herbal baths is ‘Agouni”,  a wholistic modality used primarily  when there is a need for healing the three different levels of body, mind, and spirit.  Garifuna healers use Agouni to promote clarity of thought, and direction in life long issues; be they emotional, physical or personal. The water and herbs used in agouni are naturally charged with properties to repair breaks in the human auric field. They cleanse the aura of dense negative energies, and serve to activate protective ancestral spirits. Garifuna people believe the medicinal properties in sacred plants can heal the body of physical illness, and also get rid of attachments to negative spirits.

We Garifuna are descendants of the Kalinagu Indians who migrated to the Caribbean from South America in the 11th century and later united with Africans who escaped slavery. Our healing traditions derive from both Africa and those of the South American rain forest. Our Garifuna ancestors left the Antilles of the Caribbean and traveled west to the Bay Islands. The journey continued, creating Garifuna settlements along the coastlines of Guatemala, Nicaragua, Belize, and Honduras; where I was born into a long succession of matriarchal Garifuna healers who will forever be my teachers. The Ancestral healing methods I hold dear were transmitted through my mother, grandmother, and great grandmother. I now live in Belize where I maintain a traditional healing practice, and facilitate retreats of the Mountain Spirit Wellness Community

The next Mountain Spirit event is a one day retreat/workshop where participants get to experience bush medicines used traditionally for enhancing loving energies, developing creativity, and healing relationships. All who attend will prepare and experience an "Agouni" of their own. Those who attend this event will leave knowing more about the identification, propagation, harvesting, preparation, and traditional uses of the featured plants: Damiana, Strongback, Yohimbe, Geinweyu, and Wild Yam. Romancing The Bush is the ideal event to satisfy healthy individuals and couples living or visiting Belize.  Visit our retreat page at www.arzumountainspirit.com for more information...